The 4-7 Pictures That Will Sell Your Home

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You may have heard it before, but it is true: “You only get one chance to make a first impression.”  So, why when it comes to selling your home, usually the most expensive asset we own, do we not focus on the pictures we take of it when we put it on the market.  A detailed marketing plan will not only be how many and what quality pictures, but what order and which ones to exclude.  Full disclosure, but as a realtor and as someone who is interested in buying homes, this is what catches my eye when looking at properties.

Research that formed My Opinion

Ideally I look for photos that tell a story.  What you see first when entering a home, condo, townhouse, etc. is the outside, also known as the “curb appeal.” Then is what rooms and areas of the house are important and should come first when presenting photos.  Taking the story telling aspects and what people want to see will give you this order of photos.

This is what percent of people value which room:


Photo credit: Which Room Do Americans Value the Most?

The 4-7 Pictures That Will Sell Your Home

From this I have formed my opinion of the best order for photos:

Photo 1:

Exterior Shot of the Home From the Front: “What is the curb appeal of the home?”

Photo 2 or 3:

The Kitchen: “What do the appliances look like and are the counter tops and cabinets acceptable?”

Photo 2 or 3:

The Living Room: “What does the flooring look like after all the use it gets and how does furniture fit into this space?”

Photo 4:

The Master Bedroom: “What size beds fits in there and do I have enough room for my clothes?”

Photo 5-7 (optional depending on size, location, and quality of rest of the property:

Exterior Shot of the Home from the Back:  “Is there enough room for what I want to do in the backyard?”

Bathroom: “What upgrades or quality is it in and is their enough space in it?”

View from the Backyard or A Pic of the Closest, Best Amenity to the Home (ex. A Park, Shopping Mall, Cul de Sac, etc.):  “The first 4-6 pictures told me about the home and why it’s right for me, but what about the location.


    In conclusion there is a disclaimer to this order.  You should still have the photographer take care to best frame your home properly showing off the best aspects of the home, and take good, quality pictures.  Also after you put those first few pictures together include more, ideally 25-35 total, grouped in order by room.

     Also if you have a spot in your home you think doesn’t show well, you should determine if it falls into one of two categories.  Is it something that isn’t fixable, like the home being on a busy street, or is it fixable, like a stained rug.  

Either way you should adjust your price and sales expectations.  In the case of the fixable you can increase your home’s value and appeal by correcting the problem.  As far as unfix-able you may just have to accept it and just be honest and upfront.  Don’t try to misrepresent the property.  You may get less interest, but it will be the right kind of interested people.