What a Realtor Can do For You

What is a Buyer’s Agent?  Why do I need one?

This is what most people think a buyer’s agent does for you:

• Find out how much you have to spend
• Look up some homes on the internet that fit your budget
• Show you those homes

This is what a buyer’s agent actually does:

• Identify your needsHouse Hand
• Assist getting you qualified for the type of home you want to purchase
• Select 4 or 5 homes that best represent what you are looking for
• Schedule and attend showings of those properties

And furthermore our true value comes to light after you select the home you would like to purchase:

• Prepare and write offers• Present offersNegotiate
• Negotiate
• Open escrow
• Transaction management
• Handle inspections
• Appraisal management
• Arrange termite inspectionKeys
• Arrange loan through concierge
• Handle walk throughs
• Follow up with processing
• See that escrow closes


What is a Listing Agent?  Why do I need one? 

This is what most people think a listing agent does for you:

• Determine the price of the home
• Have pictures, flyers, and ads placed on the home
• Wait for another realtor to bring a buyer to the home and pocket a large commission

This is what a good listing agent actually does:

• Do a detailed market analysis of the home, to include consulting with the home owner on price and how to best market your home
• Attend various pre-listing appointments to ge the right pictures, flyers, and marketing materials so that your home sells quickly for the best price
• Actively seek out buyers for your property  by: holding open houses, door knocking neighbors to see if they know anyone who wants to move into the area, and cold calling potential buyers

And furthermore our true value comes to light after you reach the stage of receiving offers on your home:

• Help you understand offers and prepare counter offers
• Negotiate
• Open escrow
• Transaction management
• Handle scheduling for the various appointments for the buyer’s agent
• Follow up with buyer’s agent making sure the buyer is continuing with each step of the buying process
• See that escrow closes